There are many times when you need to dispose of waste. Of course you have your weekly wheelie bin rubbish removal but if you are building a new home or setting up an extension to your existing home or even doing a major rework of your garden, you will certainly have a lot of material you don’t want. This is where a skip bin Adelaide comes into its own. It has some clear advantages over your weekly rubbish bin removal.

First, depending on the size of your skip bin, you can certainly remove a great deal of waste. Using your council service could take ages to dispose of your rubbish and of course, some of your waste may not be acceptable. Second, the skip bin is brought to your property and when full, is collected and taken away. All of these services are part of the hire cost. There is no need for you to make numerous trips to the tip.

But the key to your successful waste removal is to make sure you hire the right skip bin. To do that here are some important tips.

Choose The Right Size

There is not much point in you choosing a skip bin then finding that having filled it you’ve still got a great pile of rubbish or waste to remove. Oops. Get the right size from the start and remember it’s better to have one size too big than one size too small. Talk to your skip bin operator about choosing the right size. They’re the experts and can give free advice on skip bin size.

You need to know that you cannot  overload your skip. It’s against the law and is clearly quite dangerous. An overloaded skip could easily spill some of its rubbish which produces a real hazard on the road. If you want a rough guide as to what size skip you should order, here are some facts.

The smallest skip is 2 m² and is often called a mini skip and is equivalent to 2 trailers It’s ideal for renovations of one room or if your doing some spring cleaning in your garden. For a larger garden or room, a 3 m² skip is perfect for doing that outdoor renovation and equals about three trailers. An easy way to remember a 4 m² skip is that it has the same capacity as about four trailers. If you are getting serious and renovating several rooms or doing a big clean up, then 6 m² is ideal. The real benefit when dealing with HandiSkips SA is that you can get free advice on what size skip is best for you.  Always talk to your skip bin provider to get the best advice we can call out and have a look as well.

Where To Locate Your Bin

It sounds like common sense but unfortunately some people make the basic mistake of placing their skip bin in the wrong situation. If you’re in a built-up area of Adelaide and parking is tight, you will need some sensible planning. Talking to neighbours and keeping an area clear is vital. Having the skip in place for the shortest time possible is another smart move.

Try and get the skip bin as close to your waste as possible. Make sure that the truck bringing it has access as close as possible to your property and make sure that the surface on which the skip is placed is solid. You may even need to chock the bin with some timber. You’ll get excellent and free advice from Handiskips SA.

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