Effective Ways to Maximise the Space in Your Skip

Handi Skips SA has been in the business of collecting and properly disposing of all types of waste for customers throughout Adelaide for years. Whether you’ve had a clean-up in your back yard and want some green waste taken away, or your building project has produced a fair amount of building waste, there is a skip ideal for that purpose. No job is too big or too small. Choosing the right size skip is important because there are certain rules which must be followed. The two main ones are:

  • You cannot overfull your skip and
  • There are certain items of waste which must never be put in a skip

If you place waste in the skip above the rim, the skip will not be collected. If you place items such as chemicals, asbestos and liquids in your skip, likewise it too will not be collected.

Separate Your Waste

Because Handi Skips SA is so keen on caring for the environment – the company is proud to announce it recycles 95% of the waste it collects – it rewards those customers who make the task of recycling that much easier.  If you have waste materials which are different, you might wish to consider hiring two smaller skips because placing different types of waste in the same skip makes recycling more difficult and therefore costs more for you the customer. Always have a chat with Handi Skips SA as they are only too happy to explain the best, most effective & most cost effective ways of placing your waste in the skip. Remember every skip has an access ramp so the task of placing the waste is that much easier.

Certain Items

If you wish to dispose of a television set or mattress, it is super important that you place these items on the top of the rest of your waste material. You need to know that particular items – TVs and mattresses – attract a small surcharge. All these matters are clearly explained in the Q and A section of the Handi Skips SA web site – https://handiskipssa.com.au/#size


If you have a variety of waste materials, plan the loading of your skip. Think of it as being a little like packing your cloth bag at the supermarket check-out. Don’t place large bulky items in such a way as to take up unnecessary space. Is it possible to place other items of waste inside larger items? You need to take advantage of the fact that the skip arrives clean & empty. Just tossing items in willy-nilly is never a good idea. Make a plan and stick to it.

Choosing the right size of skip is more than half the battle. Talk to Handi Skips SA first and explain the type and amount of waste you which to have removed. Their sound advice will see you obtain the right size of skip and their tips on what to load first will make the task so much easier.

A main boast by Handi Skips SA is that they take the stress out of removing waste material. Give them a call today on 08 8351 5555.